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Not only will it make a meeting for you, but it will create a unique experience of coordination and creative thinking.


a large hall with French design; The glory and beauty of Paradise Hall is indescribable. A hall with a flat surface that allows for variety of arrangements easily.

The capacity of this hall in cinema mode is 600 people, and with banquet arrangement, the capacity can be reduced to 350 people. Service and provision of services in the Paradise salon is French and follows international standards.

People who want to hold their conferences, seminars, ceremonies and celebrations in a unique way and in line with international qualitative and quantitative principles can use the services of Paradise Hall.

Salons of Rexan International Airport Hotels

Marigold, lotus, orchidsalons

Everything for the most ideal meeting room, from the equipment to the facilities and the way of service, and even the arrangement and materials used in the design of the room, you can search in Marigold, Lotus and Orchid meeting rooms.

Rooms with a capacity of 14 people and according to the latest international standards. By holding a meeting in one of the meeting rooms of the 5-star Rexan Hotel, you will get a new and original experience.

In these rooms, all facilities are provided to enjoy a successful and comfortable meeting.

Salons of Rexan International Airport Hotels

Rose, lavender, tulipsalons

Ideal halls with special equipment and facilities for business meetings. In Rose, Lavender and Tulip meeting hall, you can easily change the arrangement of the tables according to the type of meeting.

All three halls can accommodate 70 people. The lighting of these three halls is in a way that prevents eye fatigue. Compliance with international standards in the Rose, Lavender and Tulip halls of Rexan Airport Hotel increases the quality of holding meetings.

These halls are the most ideal space for holding meetings.

Every meeting is an exceptional experience.

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