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Rexan International Airport Hotels

The 5-star Rexan and 4-star Remis international airport hotels are managed by Rexan International Hotels Group, which offers luxurious and modern services along with what the esteemed guests deserve most perfectly. These hotels were constructed using French architecture and experience and are run in compliance with the most recent international standards of the hotel industry.

Rexan International Airport Hotels offers services and facilities of the highest quality and quantity. Our services and facilities include standard single, twin, and double rooms, suites, accessible rooms, pre-flight VIP services, hourly accommodation, welfare and health services, and specialized conference and meeting halls and rooms.

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Providing various welfare services

What are the services and facilities provided to guests at Rexan International Airport Hotels?

Our services

What we are proud of is our unique services!

The largest international companies, including Qatar Airways, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, JourneyBeyond, GlobexHealthTourism, Alibaba, and FlyToday, are satisfied with the proximity of Rexan International Airport Hotels to Imam Khomeini International Airport and its ability to provide French-style hospitality and accommodation services that met international standards of the hotel industry.


Rexan International Airport Hotels consists of 492 rooms, 296 in Rexan Hotel and 196 in Remis Hotel. Three types of rooms are available in these hotels: standard rooms, accessible rooms, and suites. You can select from one of the single, twin, or double rooms based on your needs.

Our services

Pre-flight VIP and short stay (6- and 10-hour) services along with welfare and accommodation services that meet the highest international standards of the hotel industry. 


Why Rexan International Airport Hotels?

Ensuring an exceptional stay with modern and luxurious facilities and services that leave a lasting impression on visitors and inspire everyone to enjoy the pleasure of staying in international airport hotels, even once.

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